More is not always better.

Choking out your customers rarely solves problem.  No matter how much better you may think you may feel afterwards.

And I am a professional after all, but…

I was at an event and this photographer dude wanted a caricature of his wife from a photo.  He was annoyingly sifting thru photos on his high dollar camera.  He showed me about 40 photos of her all while telling me every detail of her that he thought I needed.

My patience was thinner Calista Flockhart.  I was SO ready to slap the camera out of his hand and make my way to a bar.  

I didn’t though.  There was something about this guy that kept me captivated.

What made Photo Dude annoying was also what made him magnetic.  It was the love and passion he had for his wife.  There was literally NO wonder as to why him and his wife had been married for 20+ years.

I have seen this a lot over my 11 years of drawing live.  Men who deeply love their significant others is absolutely beautiful to me.  And it’s a lot different than how men in shorter relationships view their partners.  

I’ve broken it down to this…

My wife’s beauty is the lens that I see beauty through.  When beauty doesn’t start with my wife I could easily think…  

Shouldn’t she be more thin?

More blonde?

More pretty?  

More of something she’s not instead of appreciating her for who she is and the fact that her imperfections are perfect for me.  

The same is true with your and business.  You look at the work that YOU wanna do.  And from that lens, you figure out the best ways to grow it.    This approach is much better than focusing on the media and types of marketing and promotion FIRST.  

I’m going to go deep on this in my program that I’ll be unveiling in a few days.  Grow yourself and your biz by focusing on YOUR WORK and your personality.  

The only lens that matters.

Adam Street

The universe is not your sugar daddy

Younger bride and wealthy older groom tying the knot

A lady in one of my Facebooks groups received a message from a sugar daddy offering her $5,000.  

She’s not into that kinda thing and admitted it was probably spam.

Yet, a little voice wondered if this was the universe’s way of giving her abundance.

No, it’s not.

If receiving money goes against your beliefs or nature it’s no good for you. At that point you may as well Bernie Madoff a children’s orphanage…

Smuggle heroine into your city. 

Or drive a get away car for bank robbers.

If you do want that kind of thing you can have it too.  Just don’t be surprised when you ‘attract’ some jail time.

We are most wealthy when the source of our money and how we spend it is aligned with our soul and who we are.  

This is why understanding the Artist Paradigm and your place in it is so important.  When you focus on “Business Paradigm” like tactics and approaches it frustrates you and it literally keeps the money away.

That’s why in a few days I’ll be talking about my next program to get  your business and income to the next level.


Gus and the tale of loving your job

My first phone sales job was working for the phone company.  

I could sell ok in person but I sucked at selling on the phone.  I mean come on, how interesting is Call Fowarding?  

With the help of my friend Bernard, I got good though.  Cocky even.  I liked that job about as much as I would like being Vladimir Putin’s food tester, but still… 

When I made the switch to car insurance phone sales…no problem.  I was like a fish to water.

When I switched to phone life insurance sales…  Problem.  

To help me suck less, my boss had me sit an hour with one the department’s best salesmen, Gus. 

Gus was the perfect storm of great salespeople.  He had the voice, the patience, the technical knowledge, and the charisma.  

I learned a lot from Gus that day but what I really learned was, I’m NO Gus.

I struggled selling that companies’ products because my integrity couldn’t get behind their tactics.  

As Chuck Woolery would say, there was no ‘love connection’ for me there.

When this happens there’s two ways to make the situation work.  You can CHANGE what you do, or you can CHANGE the way you FEEL about what you do.

I changed what I did and skipped off to Marvel.  

So everything was just unicorns and rainbows, right?  Nope.  It was still “work”.  There was still stress.  But the difference is…

It was worth it.

When people say, ‘do what you love’ that may sound a little airy-fairy.   And for most people that’s not entirely true.  The key is doing work that’s valuable to you.  Work that’s fulfilling.  Work that fits into your lifestyle.

And when that happens, THEN you’ll find a way to love it.


The most important thing

I was riding to a gig this weekend with a friend I haven’t seen since ‘The Vid’ hit.  

I remember when we last spoke, he was newly passionate (to say least…) about politics, elections, and conspiracies.  All sorts of topics that generally put me to sleep faster than Nyquil.

I’m proud he’s found something he likes but he keeps trying to convince me to drink his kool-aid but I’m not buying.   As we’re talking a white car drifts drifting into our lane.  

Is this guy texting?  Can he read lips and is just as annoyed with my friend as I am?

Is my buddy so enthralled in our conversation that he’s missing the fact that we’re about to be creamed by a Honda?  

I’m a patient guy but I had something I was ready to tell my friend.  It’s the same thing that I was ready to tell the driver of the white Honda… 





And truthfully another word that starts with ‘f’ and rhythms with mother trucker. 

But you wanna know something interesting? I’d say the same thing to you.  





There’s so much going in the world.  War.  Democrats Republicans.  Animals being abandoned and euthanized everyday. People are starving and have no access to clean water.  The list is endless.

How can you cope with it all?  

By staying, in, yo, lane.  Focus primarily on doing what you are called to do.  

I’m called to do art.  I’m called to help people follow their entrepreneurial passion.  I’m called to be a father to my kids and a husband.  

If I’m on Facebook every hour talking about how cool it would be it if someone would snuff Putin or who’s fault inflation is, I couldn’t play my game at the highest level.   So I…





If you want to support the Ukraine by donating money or volunteering at an animal shelter or something like that, great.  I’m all for it.  But remember Stephen Covey’s great advice. I think I got it from The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People book.

The most important thing is keeping the most important thing the most important thing.

To help you with your most important thing I’ll be unveiling my next course at the end of this week.

Adam Street

Weird is the new cool

Back when I was WAY past ready to leave my cozy insurance job, I was dishing out my art portfolio like fresh crab at an all-you-can-eat buffet.  

One problem that kept coming up was, most publishers said my art was too ‘cartoony’.

I used to draw more realistic but exaggeration won.  Especially after I read this quote:

“At Pixar, we’ve always said that reality is just a convenient measure of complexity—we take a step back and create something the audience knows is not real, then we make it look as believable as possible.  See, the closer you get to reality the harder it is to be convincing to an audience.”   

John Lasseter, from the Art of The Incredibles

From that point on, drawing cartoony was my jam.  I accepted that my weird cartoony style was not for the mainstream.  This was my style 20 years ago and I still draw and paint like this today.

In an interview actress/comedian Aisha Tyler did with CNN.  They asked her what would you tell your younger self about who you are now?  

She said: “I would probably tell my younger self, Don’t worry about it. You’re always going to be a weirdo, and at some point that’s going to be OK. That’s eventually going to be your calling card, or your badge of courage, that you’re going to be a weird kid.” 

Not only do I not mind being the weird ‘cartoony’ comic book artist guy, but I own it and embrace it.  Like Tyler said everything weird or negative about you usually becomes your strong suit. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger was told his voice was too robotic and his accent was too strong to make it in Hollywood.

Oprah was told she was too female, too black, too caring, all sorts of nonsense.  

And ironically those are the same reasons why Oprah and Arnold have had tremendous success doing what they love.  It’s because they are who they are.  

The Artist Paradigm is about playing the long game.  Embracing that you’re different and knowing what’s weird about you is your greatest strength.


P.S.  Seth Godin has an excellent book on this topic called We Are All Weird.