Being Normal is Boring

Yesterday I came across an interview with Vampryn.  Vampryn is weird.  And by weird I mean her appearance is a bit outrageous.  Take a look at her… What’s your first thought?  

Maybe she thinks she’s a vampire?  Maybe she hangs out a QAnon parties drinking blood with Hillary Clinton?

Vampryn said her style is 80’s/90’s goth but then she said this:

“Being normal is just boring.  There’s no point.  Why live a life to be boring.”

Her appearance may make your grandmother reach for a crucifix but she gets one GIANT fundamental of marketing.  If your marketing is boring, ‘there’s no point’.  It’s just….noise.

You need to find a way to be weird like Vampryn.  Maybe it’s not your appearance.  I saw a real estate agent dancing in a house she was selling on TikTok.  

Maybe it’s your guarantee. Back in the 80’s Hyundai cars were garbage. So they created the best warranty in the biz and they started selling cars. Lots of them.

You may despise me for it but you WILL remember that picture of Vampryn for a while.  The question is… What can you do to be just as memorable to your tribe?