Dueling with El Cheap-O

I went to my brother’s Mixxedfit class at his gym.  I’m in my car.  Hot. sweaty, and I could really use something cool and refreshing like a smoothie.  

I don’t buy smoothies very often anymore but I’ve been jumping around like a jackrabbit for an hour so I deserve it.  But I still hesitated…

Both smoothie pimps by my house are franchises.  They opened in the last two years and I think they’re owned by the same person.  Why?  Because they have the exact same problem.  

Unlike the other locations they don’t put enough fruit in their smoothies because  they’re cheap.  I know this because when the manager (or owner) is there my smoothies taste like blueberry flavored ice and not ACTUAL blueberries.  

I’ve even seen the El Cheap-O walk behind staff members and tell them they’re using too much fruit!  It’s sad.

Instead of making smoothies that taste like cold medicine why don’t they ask their customers what they want?  I’d gladly pay more!  But instead they water down their product to save a few nickels.

This seems like a no brainer but I see people make the same mistakes with their services and courses all the time.


You don’t need to be the size of Coca-Cola to do a focus group.  Ask your clients what they want. And before you come out guns-a-blazing with swiped headlines and formulas ask prospects what’s important to them too.

Doug D’Anna said, “You should first ask yourself, ‘What do these people really want?’ and never, ‘What’s the best way to sell to them?’

I heard John Carlton say that to learn what a market wanted he’d go to a bar, buy a few drinks and ask strangers a few questions. 

Surely, I could duel with El Cheap-O about their juice water but I won’t.  I vote with my dollars by not going there.  I WILL use my crappy experience to help you out though.

You’re welcome…

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