It’s 2023, JUST do it!

I learned a while ago that I’m not JUST an artist.  Actually, I said when I die if the only thing people say at my funeral is that I drew good I ‘missed the boat’ on living.    

When I draw at events I’m not JUST drawing caricatures, I’m making a difference in people’s lives.  I’m making that party better.   

My mentors Chance Wolf and Chris Sotomayor didn’t JUST teach me how to draw and paint better, they taught me how to be a better human being.  And to follow my passions and curiosities wherever they took me. 

 My nephew Chris isn’t just someone with thousands of follows nor is he JUST a social media influencer.  He brings light to people thru his humor and creativity (offline too).    

My brother Andre isn’t JUST a Mixxedfit instructor.  First, he’s made exercise fun.  If that alone wasn’t a miracle enough I’ve also seen him give people the confidence and motivation to change and be better versions of themselves.  

Do more of your art and the stuff that moves you.  

Put it out there and do it again.  It’s 2023 baby!    

JUST do it.