Lean on Pete

Sales.  We all need to have them.

But make no mistake, your clients are buying YOU just as much as they are buying your product or service.

That’s why it’s so important to use a Blockbuster strategy and add some entertainment to your marketing.  It’s the glue that creates the emotional connection between you and your tribe.  

Think of it this way.  There’s two sides to every coin.

Look at Spider-man.  He wouldn’t be as interesting without Peter Parker.  If people in New York had a problem and Spidey swooped in, saved them, and swung away.  It wouldn’t be the same.  

There’s tons of supers in New York.  Spidey would blend in like cough syrup in the cold and flue section at Walmart.  But he goes back to being Peter Parker and Pete is…  Well, flawed.

Stan Lee said this about the wall crawler:

“He’s the one who’s most like me — nothing ever turns out 100 percent OK; he’s got a lot of problems, and he does things wrong, and I can relate to that.” 

We all can.  Super and spectacular on one side, awkward teen who can’t even talk to a girl on the other.  That is contrast.  Contrast is interesting.  Contrast sells.

Chadwick Boseman said this about playing T’Challa and the Black Panther movie.

“What does this do for the world?  Is it actually valuable in the political climate, in the social climate we have?  And I have to say, yes!  Not because it makes people escape, but I think when it’s done right, it gives people hope.” 

And that’s true for you too.  When you create a great experience you give people hope.  Whether they buy from you or not.

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