My Illusion of Being My Own Boss

When I escaped from my insurance job to art for Marvel Comics my inner entrepreneur was gleaming.  I was self employed again and doing entrepreneurial stuff.  I was excited.  

After a couple of years the glitter and shininess of ‘being my own boss’ wore off and i stumbled upon a Tony Robbins interview.  He said most business owners don’t have a business.  They  have a well paid job.  

That one stung a little.

I thought I had security in this own my future thing but it was an illusion.  I was freelancing and I had ONE client.  Shit got real that week…

I shifted my long term goals and started looking for better clients. I found them. I started earning more and working less.

If you need to up your game I suggest that’s what you do too.  Better clients are lower maintenance, pay more, and talk about you more often.

But on the flip side you create a bigger impact with your work and serve more people.  And ain’t that your goal?