Old salads and a 100 degree identity

It was my wife’s birthday on Tuesday and we celebrated by going to Red Lobster.  I’m allergic to shellfish so we don’t go for seafood often.  

We all woofed it down.  Wifey ate everything but her salad.

The next day I was hungry and found myself eye-balling her leftover salad.  Like the saint I am I just decided to eat it.  Why ask for permission?   I know…I’m a real gem, right?

The salad was in good shape but the croutons were kinda soggy from hanging out with lettuce. The moisture rubbed off on them.

So is there a lesson to be learned from an old salad?  

Of course there is! 

It’s a planet-based lesson in the law of association.  My croutons got ‘soft’ from being in the wrong environment and the same thing happens to us.

Jim Rohn used to say you become the average of the five people you hang around with most.  Who you are around, the books you read, the videos you watch—all that stuff matters.  

As ‘The Vid’ slows down and more in-person events take place.  If you feel comfortable… Get out of your house and meet some people. 

Like-minded people.  “Hungry” people.

Ed Mylett puts it this way.  If you are a “seventy-five degree identity, and you associate with people who are “one-hundred forty degree identity” you can’t help but to heat up.”  

When you hang around great people, greatness can’t help but to rub off a little.  

So go to a conference. 

Get in a mastermind.  

Zoom is ok but in-person is better.

Unless you have a fever…then keep your ass at home.

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