Old School Marketing is so Gangsta

Seth Godin is an OG (original gangster) of marketing.

I would recommend you read all of his books.  The man is just that good.  His audiobooks books can be a little monotone but his content is off-the-wall good.  

His newest book, This is Marketing is a new “old” book.  Brand new book but what Seth talks about is old school.  Forget the glamour and glitz of trying to reach the masses.  Reach a few people instead.


It’s really important if you got pulverized by 2020.  It’s like starting over again or you may have started a completely new biz altogether.  Your transformation starts with your marketing.

I wanted to do a break down on Seth’s Marketing in Five Steps.

The first step is to invent a thing worth making. with a story worth telling , and a contribution worth talking about.  

Why are you offering coaching or marketing courses?  And why should anyone buy it from you.  The transformation?  Well, duh but you can get that from anywhere with a good google search. 

Your story and your why is what makes ‘your thing’ worth making and telling.

Look at Lily Born, this kiddo started her own cup company.  You may think the story is that she is a child entrepreneur.  That’s cool, but those story grows on trees.

The real story is when Lily was 8, she noticed her grandfather, who has has Parkinson’s, spilled  his drinks a lot.  She made him a cup from moldable plastic and later a ceramic cup for coffee.  She eventually started a business and made The Kangaroo Cup.

Yes, her cups solve a problem.  But she invented a thing worth making, and her story is worth telling.  And people talk about it.  Kinda like now…

That’s actually the litmus test for your product.  If it’s not unique in it’s own way that people talk about it you need to do two things.

You either need different people to show your offering to or you need a different offering.  

Sometimes it’s both but iterating will get you there.

Next time we’ll talk about Seth’s second step.