Why posting on social was like a staph infection

Originally I never did social media for my art business.  I couldn’t stand it.  No matter what Gary V or the gurus I love said.  I enjoyed posting on social about as much as a… View Post

My Illusion of Being My Own Boss

When I escaped from my insurance job to art for Marvel Comics my inner entrepreneur was gleaming.  I was self employed again and doing entrepreneurial stuff.  I was excited.   After a couple of years… View Post

Thanos? Give Me a Break

France beat the US men’s basketball team and the media has lost it’s mind.  USA didn’t get blown out, they lost by six points.  that’s two 3-pointers!  Give me a break.   I get it. … View Post

Living Full

Someone posted a video on LinkedIn the other day and it was a compilation of Oprah Winfrey quotes.  One of my favorite is when Oprah talks about “living full”.  She says if your cup isn’t… View Post

The Jaywalker

I just left my house for the gym and I saw a late teen guy in the middle of a major street.  He looked a bit challenged.  Rightfully so, there were cars coming in both… View Post