Facebook: The dark night

My nephew’s goal is to make a full-time living as a social media influencer.  Some of his favorite Internet personalities make tens of thousands each month and he wants his share of the pie.  I… View Post

Putting a Face on the Problem

I was watching an episode of Star Wars Clone Wars last night.  The Galactic Senate was arguing back and fourth about taking on new loans to create new troops for the war.  About half the… View Post

Speed your way to better storytelling

When I started going to San Diego comic con I wanted to find “work” but I also wanted to meet some of my favorite artists. Sometimes I just wanted to geek out my inner fan-boy… View Post

Storytelling advice from JK Rowling

Want a fast and easy way to tell better stories for your emails?  Start your story the opposite of how you will end it.   That’s why in romantic comedies they start with a girl… View Post

Sales Fast Food

Back when I sold insurance I made most of my sales from Internet leads.  After a while I received referrals too but my bread and butter was the online ones. If I could beat the… View Post