Putting a Face on the Problem

I was watching an episode of Star Wars Clone Wars last night.  The Galactic Senate was arguing back and fourth about taking on new loans to create new troops for the war.  About half the senators were for new troops and about half were against it.

If you aren’t familiar with the “Clones”, the clone troopers are humans created in a lab by the Kaminoans.  The clones age faster than regular folks and they’re genetically built for battle.  That means the Republic has no need for recruitment offices or Uncle Sam posters.

Ok, back to the senate…

Senator Padmé Amidala (Princess Leia’s mom) thinks they should scrap new loans and focus on ending the war.  It seems peace is a helluva lot easier on the pockets.  But between fear and corruption, not enough senators agree with her.

She debates the others about interest rates and the loss of human life…but nothing sticks.  

Many of the senators don’t consider the clones human.  And since none of the clones can vote them into office, why should they care?  

Padmé gives one final speech to influence her position and win more votes against the war. 

In her preparation she asks one of her helpers, how has the war affected you?  After getting the low down from a real person about her authentic experience, Padmé gives a different type of speech.  

Instead of budgets and facts and figures she talks about how fueling the war keeps money out social programs and how the war makes everyday people struggle.

She put a “face on the problem” and tells a different type of story.  

When it’s all said and down, we know years later the war continues, the Emperor takes over, and Darth Vader is born but that’s not the point…

It’s about empathy.

It’s about integrity.  

Doing what’s right, even when no one is looking.  

And never losing focus on who you serve.

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