Sales Fast Food

Back when I sold insurance I made most of my sales from Internet leads.  After a while I received referrals too but my bread and butter was the online ones.

If I could beat the rate the prospect was paying (and the other quotes) I usually got the sell.  I was an independent agent so I had access to more than one company.

When I swung into working with car lots, I thought I hit the holy grail.  People who didn’t have insurance who needed it to buy their new cars.  It was a match made in heaven.

It wasn’t all rosy though.  There was a price for eating all that insurance sales “fast food”. 

When car salesmen needed quotes they wanted them with swiftness of Flash (from the CW TV show).  If you didn’t call them back in minutes they rolled on to the next insurance guy.

Even when I sold the policy things could get sketchy.  Sometimes financing wouldn’t workout and the policy would cancel in a few weeks.  Or the customer would leave in 6 months and go with another company.

And don’t get me wrong… Sales fast-food It’s not just for the insurance industry.  Business owners and entrepreneurs do it everyday.

They focus on going wide instead of going deep.  

I used to buy lists and I was really good with cold traffic.  Even though I made sales it wasn’t the same.  No matter how enchanting  my words were, I mainly attracted people who  shopped on price.  

In the end it was sales fast food all over again.  I could have built the relationship later after I provided the service but I was so into churn-and-burn that I just kept looking for the next dopamine hit.

That’s why it’s so important to “eat your veggies” and build your business the slow way.  My Blockbuster Marketing process may take you longer but you’ll have a more sustainable business and you’ll connect with your prospects and clients.

Like real fast food limit the amount you consume.  Too much of it can make your business feeble and flabby.

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