Scumdog [wanna-be] Millionaires

Over the years I’ve picked up a variety of skills.  One is the ability to spot a Scumdog [wanna-be] Millionaire.  I met one this week.  Scumdog [wanna-be] Millionaires are narcissistic and almost always men for some reason.  

Their playbook is to charm you with flattery and drone on and on about ALL the famous people they know and how big an opportunity it is to work with them.  And then they make you a ridiculous offer to work on their art project. 

I met a Scumdog [wanna-be] Millionaire this week.  Even though hype and b.s. was oozing from every pore in his body, I decided to do a test sketch for him.  He was in a hurry and I figured it was something I could knockout fast.

In the end, my drawing wasn’t a good fit.  He tried to give me edits but the smell of scope creep started kicking in like fresh cut onions.  I sent an email and bounced off the assignment.  

Like a true Scumdog [wanna-be] Millionaire he never responded.  No thank you.  No nice to meet you.  Nothing.  I even offered a referral (which I now regret).

So what’s to be learned from the Scumdog [wanna-be] Millionaire?  

Too many people say one thing and mean something else. Most aren’t as nefarious as Scumdog but you want evolve how you speak to your prospects.  For example…

When Scumdog [wanna-be] Millionaire said:  Adam you’re so talented and fast…

What he really meant was:  You can do this quickly so you won’t mind me trying to screw you over on price.

Before you may have said:  “My course isn’t expensive, it’s an investment.”

Now you may want to say: “Yes, my course is expensive. I did this to offer the best quality and value so my students get big results.”

Like a smart phone we constantly need to update ourselves.  If not you’ll be a Ford Edsel driving among newer, faster, and better cars.

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