Slay procrastination with one question

Like many creative ADD types my brain is like a Ferrari.  

Which is great when someone with a sound mind is driving but other times it’s like an licensed teen boy is behind the wheel.  Other times, no one at all!  

When I need to get something done, I end up…

Checking emails obsessively.

Going on YouTube for one thing and being on there an hour later.

“Researching” on Google for WAY longer than I need to be.

If I’m not careful procrastination rears it’s ugly head like a Kaiju from the Pacific Rim movies!  I don’t want to draw or type anything.  My energy level drops to the floor so now I need coffee or an energy drink.  

Return a phone call?  Nope.  I’m too busy because I have so much to do!!!

But just one more TikTok video before I go…

I may be a little ‘extra’ but this can happen to anyone.  Recently I’ve been able to calm my mind and cease doing this nonsense by asking myself one question.

How may I serve?

Instead of thinking about MY schedule and what I FEEL LIKE doing today.  I look at my client’s request and I think, how may I serve you?

My energy totally changes.  My imagination activates and I visualize the first best right action to take on a project.  I even did this last week when I drew at a live event. 

Procrastination gone.

Low energy, gone.  

Tiktok, well…  Gone too.

Everything shifted when I used all my energy and intention to focus on the needs of my client.  

Try it!