Thanos? Give Me a Break

France beat the US men’s basketball team and the media has lost it’s mind.  USA didn’t get blown out, they lost by six points.  that’s two 3-pointers!  Give me a break.  

I get it.  That loss ended Team USA’s 25-game Olympic winning streak that dates back to when George W. Bush was still president (2004).  That’s a long time ago…but give me a break.

Coach Popovich said it best, ”When you lose a game, you’re not surprised, you’re disappointed. I don’t understand the word surprise. That sort of disses the French team, so to speak, as if we were supposed to beat them by 30 or something.”

This reminded me of some businesses. Too many are jaded.  Airlines think the moment people stop traveling they’re entitled to a bail-out.  Restaurants think because their food is good they should always have a hungry crowd.  Give me a break…  

If a business doesn’t make it you shouldn’t be a surprise.  Businesses tank everyday.  Though it’s certainly disappointing. 

Like our Olympic athletes we need to train.  Pushups wouldn’t hurt but maybe it’s reading books or listening to a good podcast on marketing.  

The marketplace is big and ever changing like the weather in California.  Your “fitness” is what’s going to see you through the storms of disappointment.  

Keep watching videos, reading blogs, taking courses, and attending events.  Have so much ‘business’ strength and endurance you whoop the market with a snap of your fingers like Thanos.