The Jaywalker

I just left my house for the gym and I saw a late teen guy in the middle of a major street.  He looked a bit challenged.  Rightfully so, there were cars coming in both directions.  I could see his brain working and his posture was familiar.

He reminded me of my son (we call him Peanut).  He is nine and he has autism.  I’ve been around Peanut his whole life and dozens of other special needs kids and adults.  Growing up can be tough for these kiddos.  Biting or hurting themselves is common but there’s an even darker side..  

When kids on the autism spectrum or Asperger’s lose control they’ve been beat down and even shot.  

I watched my J-walker for a couple of blocks in my rearview mirror until I saw him make it safely across the street.  I’m glad he made it but I was ready to turn around and help him.

All too often we think about our BIG altruistic charity.  Raising funds, volunteering during the holidays, curing cancer.  All those things are great but don’t forget about the little things.  Sometimes it’s just as important to make sure a kid makes it across the street safely.