The Massive Myth

Check out this email subject line that was in my inbox this morning:

“Adam, 12 Days To A Massive Pay Day Online (Step-By-Step)…

Then of course came the ever so common… 

“This changes EVERYTHING… “

Next, insert a big-ass testimonial about making massive dough with the next big thing in marketing…

When you market like this in email, this is the equivalent to yelling in person.  Would you walk into an office and start screaming at people?  Probably not.  Well, maybe if you’re the guy from the Bar Rescue show.  Or Plankton from Spongebob who said the louder you talk the more authority you have.  

If you keep using aged tactics like Plankton and Mr. Next Big Thing guy, you may as well dump streaming, find a high-quality VCR, and watch all your favorite movies from 1984.  

These Business Paradigm kats crack me up.  You could use the copy in that email to sell his “system” or you could use it to sell vacuums.  It has little distinction. 

Maybe it’s a good product.  I don’t know.  But the copy in that email is like Voldemort, it has no soul.  

Us in the Artist Paradigm cast different spells.  We care about what we do, how we do it, and the transformation it gives our clients.

Believe me…I like dinero.  I didn’t buy my iPhone 12 with positive energy or unicorn farts.  

MASSIVE hype is noise .  It’s easy to ignore because unless you live in a cave…without WiFi…  It’s something we’ve all heard before.  And if you’ve heard it before that means it’s easy to ignore.

Michael Masterson put it this way:

“Great sales letters don’t tell the customer what to think … or feel … or want. They locate the prospect’s feelings, thoughts, and desires, and then stimulate them. They provoke the prospect to do the feeling and thinking on her own.

Don’t be Voldemort.  Don’t be Dr. Doom either.

Persuasion and good copy has it’s place but— If you can’t empower your prospects to think and act on their feelings, why should they buy from you?

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