Turn up your volume

“Those who tell the stories rule the world.”  

Hopi Native American proverb

I disagree.  Those who tell entertaining stories will rule the world.  

That’s why I’m always rambling about adding Blockbuster Storytelling or SHOW to your words.  An ounce of entertainment can go a long way.  It’s like adding caramel and candy sprinkles to vanilla ice cream. 

That’s why the media loves Donald Trump.  You may not like what he says but you know it’s probably going to be interesting.

‘Entertaining’ is also how we can connect with our audience.  But it doesn’t always come naturally to most of us.  

So how can you do it effectively and keep it real?

When you return calls, send emails, and post on social, it’s you.  It’s you BUT with the volume turned up.  

If you listen to “Stupid Love” by Lady Gaga on level 3, you’ll hear it.  If you turn up the volume to level 9, it’ll be even louder.  Same song, same lyrics.  

Just louder.  

You give your audience more of you.  More of your thoughts, philosophy, personality…all the good stuff.

What you’re doing is what Perry Marshall calls racking the shotgun.  When you press send or post you’re qualifying and disqualifying leads.  The louder you and your message are the wrong people leave and the right people lean forward to hear more.