What’s your Swamp Thing

What’s your Swamp Thing?

Perry Marshall talks a lot about draining the swamp.  He says his members are drain the swamp kinda people.  And he’s right, I am one of them.  

Perry’s not talking about corruption like politicians harp about when they want to sound cool.  Perry’s asking…  What is the big or overarching thing or problem that you want to get to the bottom of?

Perry is a marketer and consultant .  He’s known for decoding Google Adwords, The 80/20 Principle and many other brilliant things.  That was then…

Now Perry wants to cure cancer.  No small feat, right?

Well, cure cancer or at least come up with newer processes to help people.  Because chemo and many of the drugs used today are the same ones they used decades ago.  

With all the advances in medicine and technology, we should be further along.  

You’d think anyway…

Perry wants to 86 cancer.  Bill Gates wants to end malaria.  Matt Damon wants the world to have cost effective safe water.

Those visions are big.  



But yours doesn’t have to be.  And you don’t need to be a box office star or a billionaire either.

Maybe you just wanna take pictures full-time, get kids to eat more vegetables, help teen moms, or make the best fried chicken.  It’s anything you wanna get all Da Vinci Code on that matters to you.

When I was a teen I never thought I could be a working artist.  But once I went pro I vowed to  do SOMETHING to help other artists so NO ONE would go thru what I went through.  

At first I was enamored with success and the glamour of “making it”. 

But as I matured I realized it’s not about “success” or having a certain car or a number in my bank account.   Those things are nice but for most creatives that’s not the end game.  

It’s about fulfillment.  

Money is great but without the fulfillment part rarely are creatives I know happy.  Or they bitch about stress, clients they can’t stand, and doing art they like about as much as being bitten by a swarm of angry mosquitos.  

So, I changed. 

I realized the swamp that I really want to get to the bottom of, is how to find fulfillment without selling out or doing all the stupid busy work “they say” you need to do.  And how can I simplify it so anyone can understand it?

So…  What’s your swamp thing?  

Not everyone has one but I’m going to be talking about mine this month.  Going pro, doing your art, making money, abundance, marketing, all sorts of stuff.  

Stay tuned.