Why posting on social was like a staph infection

Originally I never did social media for my art business.  I couldn’t stand it.  No matter what Gary V or the gurus I love said.  I enjoyed posting on social about as much as a staph infection.

It’s because I was doing what everyone else was doing.  By posting my art and saying how cool it was or how excited I was making it, it bored me to tears.  

And worse.

There was no ROI to justify the time I spent.  I may as well been brushing my daughter’s cat.

What changed?  I added more of me.  My art became secondary.  I talked about my inspiration behind each drawing and what drove me to make it.  

My thought was, art is everywhere.  Why should someone watch my page?  To get the story.  The story is what connected people to me.

The same is true for you.  

I get you want to talk about your transformations and sales stats.  That’s cool.  But most people don’t care and they won’t know you any better than the next guy.  

And there’s a lot of guys out there…

Market however you want but don’t be afraid to talk about you.  YOU is what makes YOU unique.  YOU is why I should want to hire you.  

Leaving YOU out is like watching Rocky or The Empire Strikes Back with all the good parts taken out.