Writing Copy isn’t Just about Spacing

“Now, listen up. When a person first looks at something you have written it should be something that looks inviting to read. Easy-to-read. When he looks at your page of copy he should be drawn to your copy like a convict is to a Penthouse Magazine.”

Gary Halbert, The Boron Letters

Gary Halbert was never one for subtleties…  So how do we apply this advice from one of the best copywriters that ever lived?  

A lot of website design is done for us.  LeadPages, Wix, Click Funnels, they make our lives easier.  E-mail is another story.

I understood this in the beginning but Neville Medhora really helped this point hit home when I took his Copywriting Course.  Good spacing is a thing but don’t forget extras like using different colors, underlining, and using bold and italic text.   

Take a look at one of his e-mails.  

Neville uses a headline, sub-headlines, bold letters, and little arrow thingies (and this is one of his more simple e-mails).  He regularly uses a lot of little fun cartoon drawings, graphics, photos, and he plays with paragraph alignment.  These are all tips that make your e-mails more inviting.

If you don’t follow Gary’s advice the opposite will happen.  Instead of drawing in your readers you will repel them.