You only get one of these

I’m nearly impossible to reach by phone. 

You have my number? Cool. 

Dial it.

You will hear my lovely voicemail most of the time. 


Because my #1 purpose of my professional life is being an artist. When I’m drawing, planning, thinking, coaching, etc. I don’t pick up my phone. Hell, my ringer isn’t even on!

So maybe you’re thinking…

But Adam, isn’t the number one job of a business to make sales? Or to serve your clients?

I agree. 

Businesses HAVE TO make dinero. 

Even charities can’t do everything for free. And THEY’RE called CHARITIES!!!! And you surely want to do business from a place of service instead of a place of selfishness or ‘getting’.

But I want you to know this….

The number one reason people hire me is to do my “art”. I’ve gotten really good at it too. Same with my marketing… 

I serve you best, FIRST, by giving YOU the best version of ME.

I see so many peeps with businesses focused on never missing calls and emails always trying to be available that they neglect the skills that made them successful in the first place.

You are the only YOU you got. 

Make it a good one.