How to get people to buy…YOU  Part 3

“It doesn’t take you a long time to build a successful business.  It takes you a long time to become the person to be willing to do it.”

-Myron Golden

Don’t you just love in cinema when the caterpillar becomes a butterfly?

Like when Luke became a Jedi in Star Wars.

Or when Harry was ready to fight Voldemort.

Or like how Neo figured out he really was The One in the Matrix.

That stuff only works in fiction because those same rules apply to us in REAL LIFE.  Your life changes when you BECOME the new version of YOU.

The problem is most people look for evidence of their life improving with their five senses. 

I’ll be happy when:

I SEE the new Lexus in my garage.

I TASTE  great food at a Michelin Star Restaurant.

I TOUCH a new MacBook Pro instead of my old clunker.

We can’t help living in our 5 senses because our 3D world is REAL.  The problem is focusing only on what we can perceive with our senses often keeps us living in The Gap.  

We end up staying overly consumed with what we CAN’T see, smell, hear, taste and touch.  To manifest, we need to use our imagination and feelings to see and feel what we want.

This may sound weird but this is how the universe sees it.  If you’re looking for it, that means you’re separated from it.  

And if you’re separated from it, the Law of Attraction can only bring you more of the same.  

Which is you not having it…

Check out this blog passage from Benjamin Hardy, PhD:

“Here’s a painful but liberating truth:  

Whatever you see in the outside world is a reflection of you.  

You can know who you are by what you’re seeing in the outside world.  

The food in your pantry is a reflection of you.  

The apps on your phone are a reflection of you.  

The content in your newsfeed and on your social media is a reflection of you.  

Becoming aware of these things, and then shifting them, will change your life.  

Asking the hard questions of these things will enable you to make MASSIVE leaps and bounds in your life.  

You’ll completely transform.”

I know what you’re thinking…

“Ok Adam, so how do we BE more clients?”

“How do we BE more money?”

“How do we BE more love in relationships?”

You get clear on who you want your future self to be and then live your from that perspective.  

For example…

In Natasha Graziano’s book Be it Until You Become It, she talks about how she finally attracted the mate of her dreams. 

At first she had a laundry list of qualities and attributes she wanted.  She eventually  realized she needed to BE those things on her list too.  As she became what she wanted (e,g, more loving, giving, etc.) *poof* her perfect partner showed up.

When I think about my future self I think of me traveling, drawing for hours, or maybe doing Mixxedfit. Those things require clarity, energy, and vitality.  

When I’m debating on what to eat for lunch, do I want junk food or do I want the smoothie?  I still eat junk sometimes but my point is that thinking about my future helps me make better choices today. 

We have thoughts like this everyday.  It’s not about controlling your thoughts.  That’d be about as practical as herding cats.  We don’t control our thoughts, we guide our thoughts.

And when you do that you’ll live in The Gain more of the time.  You’ll get rid of that cognitive dissonance and you’ll get closer to the you YOU want to be.  

And then you’ll get more of the stuff.