How to be fantastic at what you do

I was watching Jerry Seinfeld’s Netflix show, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.   This show is mostly comedy for me but there’s always some great business/personal development nuggets in there. The episode I watched last… View Post

I’m being mean to kids again

I did something today I don’t do very often.  I said ‘no’ to a children’s charity. Someone I knew was seeking donations for an auction that will raise funds to support “Arizona’s children.”   Requests… View Post

Dining on two day old French fries

Before there was Instagram and many of the social sites artists use today to show their work, there was   You could find and follow great artists from all around the world!  It’s still… View Post

Slay procrastination with one question

Like many creative ADD types my brain is like a Ferrari.   Which is great when someone with a sound mind is driving but other times it’s like an licensed teen boy is behind the… View Post

Use or lose it

Imagine you drive an old beat up 1972 Ford F100 truck, but it usually starts everyday. You really want to buy a shiny new Ford F-150.  You’re qualified for the loan but you just haven’t… View Post