Proof I’m not a guru :(

I’m on a copywriter’s email list.  Today’s email had this line: “Copywriters are NOT writers! We are marketers. We are strategists. We are salespeople in print.” She said that quote was “every copywriting guru’s favorite… View Post

Candy coated Kale

I don’t mind Kale but I don’t love it either. But what if it was wrapped in candy?   Like white chocolate? Jolly Ranchers or… M&Ms?  That may sound gross, especially if you love Kale. … View Post

Beating Entrepreneurial Fibromyalgia with 1%

When my mom was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia her doctor gave her a cheery little nugget of wisdom.    He said something like… You will have pain everyday for the rest of your life. Well, that… View Post

The entrepreneur puzzle

I read an article about a female Montana Army National Guard soldier. I figured if it’s in the media, surely it’s gotta be about sexism.   Inequality. Politics. Or some other crazy topic.  But it… View Post

Swipe and deploy big ideas like Disney

When I first wanted to get my copywriting biz off the ground I was stalled.   I thought it was… Time. The market. Money. What really slowed me down was my crappy beliefs.  I thought… View Post