What’s your Swamp Thing

What’s your Swamp Thing? Perry Marshall talks a lot about draining the swamp.  He says his members are drain the swamp kinda people.  And he’s right, I am one of them.   Perry’s not talking… View Post

To get what you want, Get Into It (Yuh)

I went to the bank the other day. I don’t normally listen to the music there but this time it was Doja Cat.  I love Doja Cat! And it was one of my favorite songs,… View Post

You only get one of these

I’m nearly impossible to reach by phone.  You have my number? Cool.  Dial it. You will hear my lovely voicemail most of the time.  Why? Because my #1 purpose of my professional life is being… View Post

How to be fantastic at what you do

I was watching Jerry Seinfeld’s Netflix show, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.   This show is mostly comedy for me but there’s always some great business/personal development nuggets in there. The episode I watched last… View Post

I’m being mean to kids again

I did something today I don’t do very often.  I said ‘no’ to a children’s charity. Someone I knew was seeking donations for an auction that will raise funds to support “Arizona’s children.”   Requests… View Post