How to get people to buy…YOU  Part 5

Wanna make more money doing your art? Sure you do!  

I googled how us service industry folk can get er done! I found a nice article on the first page of Google.  How convenient!  

Here’s the first three things to do that the article mentioned.  

We can…

1. Network to get referrals…

2.  Reach back out to cold leads that had potential. 

3.  Respond faster with a more personable approach.

But wait, there’s more!  

I’m being facetious but there’s nothing wrong with these suggestions.  But if you’re not doing what I’ve written about in the last 4 parts of this series, doing those three things (and business tactics in general) is going to feel HARD. 

You’ll probably end up in The Gap with nonsense thoughts like…

Why didn’t that company book?

Why didn’t that lead call me back?

Why am I not getting likes on these posts?  

This happens because you over look the most important thing…

YOU are the most important factor in determining how much you can receive. 

In the end, it’s all about being successful.  But let me explain how I define success.  

Success for me is about freedom.  

The freedom to do your art, how you want to, for how much you want to, and for who you want to.  


Being happy and healthy and enjoying your life.  

When I was painting at Marvel, working 10-12 hour days was the norm.  I loved what I did and wore my crazy hours and work days like a badge of honor.  

Then, my body started to hurt.  

And I started missing the important things.  

My daughter had a school function that I decided to miss because I “had to work”.  She’ll understand…  

‘I’m busy.’

‘I’m doing this for her.’ 

‘This electricity doesn’t pay for itself ya know.’ 

And then she said, “daddy you never do things with us anymore”.

I was doing my art, and making the money, but my home life and health was floundering. Not matter what I told myself, I was NOT successful. 

Maybe I’m wrong.

Maybe money really can solve all of your problems.  

The gurus always say to make more money you need to provide more value. But that doesn’t always work for artists the way we want because delivering value doesn’t encompass being more.  

It’s about DOING more.  Working on the doing without the being is a recipe for disaster.  

What I eventually learned (and what most the gurus today don’t say) is value comes in two parts.  

There’s physical value and spiritual value. 

You know the physical value.

Get more clients.

Make more offers.

Provide more  services.

But that’s the 20%!  It’s tangible.  Easy.  That’s why everyone talks about it!

To provide more value on a higher spiritual level—that’s the 80%! 

“Only spiritual things can be in more than one place at a time. Think about it, you can have money in your bank account, a checkbook for that account, and a debit card for that account, and they all represent the exact same money.”

“How can money be in three places at once? Because money is spiritual.”

-Myron Golden

Think about it, money is an idea.  

A penny is 75% copper.  Based on substance a penny is worth more than a dollar (that’s made out of cotton).  But that’s not true, a dollar is 100 times more valuable.  

What that means is, the value of money is between your ears.  And how you attract it is based on who you are—how you act, think, and feel.

“Money” moves to and away from people and places for its own reasons, and for known (not mysterious), mostly visible reasons.  By syncing your character, thoughts, behavior and business with these reasons, you attract prosperity; if in opposition to these reasons, money goes elsewhere.” 

-Dan Kennedy, Wealth Attraction in the New Economy

To recap.  How you earn (and receiving more) is based on:

80/20, it’s 20% tactics and 80% personality (how you think, act, and feel).

Growing and becoming a better version of yourself.

The Gain thinking.

Using Creative Vision.

And I loosely spoke about this, but, define was success means to you.

That’s important because…

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.”

-Steve Jobs

Adam ‘Paid in Full’ Street

Bonus Quote:

…don’t nothing move but the money”

Eric B. & Rakim,  Paid In Full