The value of an e-mail address

I was reading Donald Miller’s book, Business Made Simple and he said, “people consider the value of their email address at about $10 or $20.”

I agree with him 100%. I have never put a number on it before but honestly that’s just scratching the surface. Do you think Warren Buffet would give his e-mail address for $20? How about Taylor Swift? Not likely.

Of course there’s a huge range between the kid that crams food in bags at your grocery store and well…Oprah.

The bottom line is we’re are all competing for one of the most rare resources in the world. Not diamonds or an original Micky Mantle baseball card my friend, but people’s attention.

Without capturing a person’s attention, they don’t see your ad, read your post, or listen to your song. Your prospect is like a muggle in the Harry Potter series, they have no idea that the magic of your solution even exists.

So what’s the value of an e-mail address? Probably a lot more than you think it is. And like inflation it will continue to rise.