Story isn’t everything. No wait, it is.

In Hollywood story is everything. The story in the movie trailer. The story behind how someone makes it, or how a movie get produced, is what audiences remember and talk about.

The Empire Strikes Back had mind-blowing visual and special effects. It was gorgeous, had great acting, and introduced us to lovable characters like Yoda. And what do people still buzz about decades later? One of the most nerve-shattering story twists of the century, “Luke, I am your father.” And of course some great Yoda quotes…

“A good story makes a good film possible, while failure to make the story work virtually guarantees disaster. A reader who can’t grasp this fundamental deserves to be fired.”

Robert McKee, from Story

This may sound like a nice little quote about writing movies from a ‘screenwriter’ but don’t think for a second that this doesn’t apply to you or your business. If your story doesn’t connect with your audience YOU are likely to be fired.

Or maybe they still do business with you but they only buy one thing. Is cross-selling them products working about as well as Icarus flying towards the sun? Sometimes you don’t have to change your offering, but you do need to change the story behind it.

Your story isn’t some tangible thing that’s in front of them all day like a computer monitor, it’s something that rests in their mind. It’s what you believe, how you communicate to them, and how you treat them.

If they don’t FEEL any different when you interact with them or if there’s nothing unique about doing business with you, then why should they? They may as well go to or Walmart and buy whatever’s cheapest.

Don’t let this happen to you. Give them a story that is so compelling they have to share. Send e-mails they like so much they forward to friends. Have Facebook posts that actually entertain and don’t put them to sleep.

Craft great stories to sell everything that you do. Be interesting. And keep cashing them checks.

The value of an e-mail address

I was reading Donald Miller’s book, Business Made Simple and he said, “people consider the value of their email address at about $10 or $20.”

I agree with him 100%. I have never put a number on it before but honestly that’s just scratching the surface. Do you think Warren Buffet would give his e-mail address for $20? How about Taylor Swift? Not likely.

Of course there’s a huge range between the kid that crams food in bags at your grocery store and well…Oprah.

The bottom line is we’re are all competing for one of the most rare resources in the world. Not diamonds or an original Micky Mantle baseball card my friend, but people’s attention.

Without capturing a person’s attention, they don’t see your ad, read your post, or listen to your song. Your prospect is like a muggle in the Harry Potter series, they have no idea that the magic of your solution even exists.

So what’s the value of an e-mail address? Probably a lot more than you think it is. And like inflation it will continue to rise.

Crazy or Unique?

Crazy. Unique. Sometimes it’s a fine line. Wackos like the Unabomer? Defintitely crazy.

But what about people who buy into conspiracy theories? I would have thought they were a little bat sh-t, that is until I read about a study done by Prof. Roland Imhoff at the Johannes Gutenberg University.

He said people believe in conspiracy theories because they are searching for a feeling and not a logical truth. “Adherence to conspiracy theory might not always be the result of some perceived lack of control, but rather a deep-seated need for uniqueness”, he wrote.

Why should you focus on standing out and becoming more of what you are? Because your tribe is looking for you!

This is why the military constantly get candidates and adults go to Disneyland over and over again. The military and Disney tell a story that resonates with their tribe and gives them the feelings that they are look for.

What could you do this week to give your audience a unique feeling that matches your brand?