What’s your Swamp Thing

What’s your Swamp Thing?

Perry Marshall talks a lot about draining the swamp.  He says his members are drain the swamp kinda people.  And he’s right, I am one of them.  

Perry’s not talking about corruption like politicians harp about when they want to sound cool.  Perry’s asking…  What is the big or overarching thing or problem that you want to get to the bottom of?

Perry is a marketer and consultant .  He’s known for decoding Google Adwords, The 80/20 Principle and many other brilliant things.  That was then…

Now Perry wants to cure cancer.  No small feat, right?

Well, cure cancer or at least come up with newer processes to help people.  Because chemo and many of the drugs used today are the same ones they used decades ago.  

With all the advances in medicine and technology, we should be further along.  

You’d think anyway…

Perry wants to 86 cancer.  Bill Gates wants to end malaria.  Matt Damon wants the world to have cost effective safe water.

Those visions are big.  



But yours doesn’t have to be.  And you don’t need to be a box office star or a billionaire either.

Maybe you just wanna take pictures full-time, get kids to eat more vegetables, help teen moms, or make the best fried chicken.  It’s anything you wanna get all Da Vinci Code on that matters to you.

When I was a teen I never thought I could be a working artist.  But once I went pro I vowed to  do SOMETHING to help other artists so NO ONE would go thru what I went through.  

At first I was enamored with success and the glamour of “making it”. 

But as I matured I realized it’s not about “success” or having a certain car or a number in my bank account.   Those things are nice but for most creatives that’s not the end game.  

It’s about fulfillment.  

Money is great but without the fulfillment part rarely are creatives I know happy.  Or they bitch about stress, clients they can’t stand, and doing art they like about as much as being bitten by a swarm of angry mosquitos.  

So, I changed. 

I realized the swamp that I really want to get to the bottom of, is how to find fulfillment without selling out or doing all the stupid busy work “they say” you need to do.  And how can I simplify it so anyone can understand it?

So…  What’s your swamp thing?  

Not everyone has one but I’m going to be talking about mine this month.  Going pro, doing your art, making money, abundance, marketing, all sorts of stuff.  

Stay tuned.



To get what you want, Get Into It (Yuh)

I went to the bank the other day.

I don’t normally listen to the music there but this time it was Doja Cat.  I love Doja Cat! And it was one of my favorite songs, Get Into It (Yuh).

I thought my bank was way too conservative for something like Get Into It (Yuh).  But turns out, I was wrong.

As I stood in line the next song came on. Titi Me Pregunto by Bad Bunny.

Bad Bunny’s on?  And in Spanish?  

No way… 

It seems I wasn’t wrong after all.  The music was coming from MY cell phone.  

When I reached my hand into my pocket for my wallet, I must have pressed the play button on my phone.  So my music was playing loud in the bank and I didn’t even know.  

This reminded me of something I heard Abraham Hicks say.  You cannot see beyond your belief.

At the beginning of my banking visit I believed my bank was cool.  By the time Bad Bunny came on that belief was broken.  

Belief works like this in every area of our lives.

But there’s good news…

You can train yourself to believe.   In anything!  And if you believe it, you can have it.  You can be more, see more, have more, and do MORE.

The secret though is we have to build belief one brick at a time like a brick wall.   You do it thru mediation, affirmations, training your emotions, habits, feelings, etc.  

Not only will you believe what you want, you’ll know you can get it.

But what about the “how”?  

That’s none of your business.  

Miracles and big solutions come from the unknown.  Analyzing and trying to ‘think more’ is about as helpful as driving your car with your feet.

You can do it, but I wouldn’t recommend it.



You only get one of these

I’m nearly impossible to reach by phone. 

You have my number? Cool. 

Dial it.

You will hear my lovely voicemail most of the time. 


Because my #1 purpose of my professional life is being an artist. When I’m drawing, planning, thinking, coaching, etc. I don’t pick up my phone. Hell, my ringer isn’t even on!

So maybe you’re thinking…

But Adam, isn’t the number one job of a business to make sales? Or to serve your clients?

I agree. 

Businesses HAVE TO make dinero. 

Even charities can’t do everything for free. And THEY’RE called CHARITIES!!!! And you surely want to do business from a place of service instead of a place of selfishness or ‘getting’.

But I want you to know this….

The number one reason people hire me is to do my “art”. I’ve gotten really good at it too. Same with my marketing… 

I serve you best, FIRST, by giving YOU the best version of ME.

I see so many peeps with businesses focused on never missing calls and emails always trying to be available that they neglect the skills that made them successful in the first place.

You are the only YOU you got. 

Make it a good one.



How to be fantastic at what you do

I was watching Jerry Seinfeld’s Netflix show, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.  

This show is mostly comedy for me but there’s always some great business/personal development nuggets in there.

The episode I watched last night featured actor and comedian Garry Shandling.  

Garry and Jerry were talking about deceased comedian David Brenner.  Jerry was saying how sad it is that all of Brenner’s great comedy material died with him.

Gary was more focused on Brenner’s life and not his work.  Their exchange went like this:

Garry:  That [Brenner’s] material and your material is purely a vehicle for you to express your spirit and your soul and your being, and that’s why you’re fantastic. 

Jerry:  It doesn’t have any value beyond that?  

Garry:  It doesn’t have any value beyond you expressing yourself spiritually in a very soulful, spiritual way.  It’s why you’re on the planet.

In Jordan Peele’s interview with Oprah Winfrey (and in her book The Path Made Clear), Peele says:

“You know, I will continue to make movies—the movies that I want to see.  If I want to see it, I have to have trust that other people will.  And if they don’t, I have to accept that’s what it is.  But for me, the biggest reward of all of this has always been the fact that I get make another movie.”

When you do your art (teaching, consulting, training, coaching, painting etc.), you’re only brilliant at it if your inner and outer purpose is aligned.  That’s why Megan Mecedo’s Artist Paradigm question is so profound.

“The guiding question is not “What will generate a profit?”  The guiding questions is, “What’s worth doing even if it fails?”

When you are in TOTAL alignment with your purpose you will figure out how to make the money.  

All the hacks and short cuts most people preach nowadays usually short change you.  It keeps you away from the work.  The math doesn’t work because the work is everything!

The work takes you closer to bliss.

The work takes you closer to your goals.

The work fuels our purpose and fulfillment because (as Shandling said) it is the vehicle for you to express your sprit and your soul.

Don’t try to attain success.  DO the work and BE successful.  

I had that backwards for far too long.



I’m being mean to kids again

I did something today I don’t do very often.  I said ‘no’ to a children’s charity.

Someone I knew was seeking donations for an auction that will raise funds to support “Arizona’s children.”  

Requests like this are reasonable, and I usually help out if I can.  

But I didn’t. 

Does that make me bad?  


Am I sipping my cold brew right now with my pinky finger up thinking about all those kids out there that I hosed out of an opportunity? 

No.  And well, hell no.  

I remember Oprah telling the story about how she always gave to everything and every one because she “had it”.  Her first REAL ‘no’ was when Stevie Wonder asked her to help a charity.  From then on Oprah got clear on what she supported and what she did not support. 

I was marginally good at this but after reading Lynne Twist’s book The Soul of Money, I got super clear on this too.  Lynne wrote:

“No matter how much or how little money you have flowing through your life, when you direct that flow with soulful purpose, you feel wealthy.  You feel vibrant and alive when you use your money in a way that represents you, not just as a response to the market economy, but also as an expression of who you are.”

Clarity is everything.  

In your life, in your business, in your giving.


Adam Street