More is not always better.

Choking out your customers rarely solves problem.  No matter how much better you may think you may feel afterwards. And I am a professional after all, but… I was at an event and this photographer… View Post

The universe is not your sugar daddy

A lady in one of my Facebooks groups received a message from a sugar daddy offering her $5,000.   She’s not into that kinda thing and admitted it was probably spam. Yet, a little voice… View Post

Gus and the tale of loving your job

My first phone sales job was working for the phone company.   I could sell ok in person but I sucked at selling on the phone.  I mean come on, how interesting is Call Fowarding?… View Post

The most important thing

I was riding to a gig this weekend with a friend I haven’t seen since ‘The Vid’ hit.   I remember when we last spoke, he was newly passionate (to say least…) about politics, elections,… View Post

Weird is the new cool

Back when I was WAY past ready to leave my cozy insurance job, I was dishing out my art portfolio like fresh crab at an all-you-can-eat buffet.   One problem that kept coming up was,… View Post