Having influence that fills a room

About 20 years ago I started a website called SaveComics.org.   Comic book sales were flattening.  I thought if comic book artists came out of the shadows (most of us work from home) we could… View Post

How Disney animators can help you write better e-mails

I love my chiropractor.  She’s an artist the way she approaches healing.  She’s cool as hell and she’s fun to talk to.   I started receiving emails from her shortly after I became her client. … View Post

Lean on Pete

Sales.  We all need to have them. But make no mistake, your clients are buying YOU just as much as they are buying your product or service. That’s why it’s so important to use a… View Post

The Massive Myth

Check out this email subject line that was in my inbox this morning: “Adam, 12 Days To A Massive Pay Day Online (Step-By-Step)…” Then of course came the ever so common…  “This changes EVERYTHING… “… View Post

My Comic-Con airy-fairy tale

There’s nothing like attending Comic-con. Where else can you meet artists, see oceans of art, and comic books all in one place?   Plus, have you ever waited in line for coffee behind Batman, Sailor… View Post