Scumdog [wanna-be] Millionaires

Over the years I’ve picked up a variety of skills.  One is the ability to spot a Scumdog [wanna-be] Millionaire.  I met one this week.  Scumdog [wanna-be] Millionaires are narcissistic and almost always men for… View Post

Coaching and the Elephant in the room

I remember when I wanted to start coaching.  I thought… I’m good with relationships, communication, and helping people solve problems.  Did I mention I am a fantastic listener? But sooner or later I had to… View Post

Adding flair, Jennifer Anniston style

The movie Office Space has so many hilarious moments.  One of my favorite scenes is when Joanna (Jennifer Aniston) gets lectured by her manager Stan for not having enough “flair”.   Flair is little buttons… View Post

The first step to writing better emails

I was at the farmers market by my house, waiting to check out.  The lady directly ahead of me kept tinkering with her cell phone.  She’s lazily putting her stuff on the conveyor belt and… View Post

Labor Day on purpose

Yesterday me and my mom were discussing Labor Day and phone calls.  I explained to her why I can only be reached by phone about 20-60 minutes a day.   When I work I don’t… View Post