Trapped in the Matrix of Imposter Syndrome

Yesterday this new coach was talking about getting her business going.  Ideally she was having a bit of Imposter Syndrome.   Ah yes, I remember those days.  When I started I thought I had to… View Post

Decision Punch Out with Mike Tyson

For years I wanted to own my own insurance agency.  The thought of networking, repeat income, and making sales at golf courses was my kind of gig.  When I started doing comics full-time I put… View Post

Dueling with El Cheap-O

I went to my brother’s Mixxedfit class at his gym.  I’m in my car.  Hot. sweaty, and I could really use something cool and refreshing like a smoothie.   I don’t buy smoothies very often… View Post

Don’t send Chocolate Frosted Dog crap

My wife was put on the board recently of an animal rescue. In last meeting she learned donors were complaining about not receiving thank you’s for donations.  I’m big on gratitude so she had my… View Post

When hearing voices is a good thing

Before I decided to escape the insurance company I was shackled to, my first ploy was to get a promotion.  I applied for a manger position and didn’t get it.  The candidate who won was… View Post