I’m the best, deal with it

I am the best. I act like it.   I charge like it. I own it. Sound a little full of myself, eh?  Well, I’m the best at what I do.  You’re the best at… View Post

How to get Die-Hard fans

One of the legs of my Blockbuster Marketing framework is to put more of YOU in your marketing.   A lot of people deny this.  They treat talking about themselves like niching down.  They fear… View Post

Thinking like Jobs and Bezos

Authors are like musicians sometimes.   Their first book is amazing and every book afterwards  never lives up to the first one.   This isn’t true in Simon Sinek’s case.  I read his book The… View Post

Fuel for your marketing

I was watching Modern Family the other day. Jay (Ed O’Neill) scored a stay for him (and the whole family) at a posh hotel.  In his mind everything was perfect because he had an Excelsior… View Post

I’d rather deliver pizza than sell like this

I did an experiment last week. I saw a product that boasted having the perfect framework to write a kick-ass sales letter.   It was new. Cutting-edge.  All the stuff you’d expect from ‘hypey’ sales… View Post