SPAMing Trump

I was checking my SPAM box and found an email from Donald J Trump.

We’re besties.  We get down like that.  

Not really…

A while ago I did sign up for his emails though cause I wanted to see what his copywriters/marketing people were up to.  

I don’t care who you vote for, there’s always something to learn from politicians.  Especially in The Don’s case.  I thought, today would be a great time to analyze an email.  

But if you’re all crazy from your political beliefs, I totally understand if you wanna sit this one out…

Ok.  After my name this is the first sentence in the e-mail.  

“It is my great honor to tell you that I have officially filed the paperwork to be a candidate for President of the United States in the very first primary of the 2024 election – New Hampshire.”

This one caught me off guard because this is old school, newspaper, reverse pyramid style writing.  This is back-in-the-day old school when Americans didn’t have an 8 second (or less) attention span.  

I probably wouldn’t do it but this ain’t a bad decision because if you only read that first sentence and stop, you’ll know EXACTLY what is going on.

Next is:  


That’s all in caps baby!  That’s gotta be important.  

And it is.  

Now he’s not talking about paperwork, he’s talking about his long term vision and making history.  It’s slight but a HUGE difference.  

I mean, come on. You wanna simply vote for me or do you wanna make history together?  One is WAY cooler than the other.


“To prove that we truly are unstoppable, I’m calling on grassroots donors all across the nation to make a campaign contribution that will be registered on the very same day our official presidential paperwork was filed.”

To make history takes money so…  The only thing I would knock here is I don’t think Trump would say “grassroots donors”.  That’d be like me going to Jamba Juice and saying, “The course of drinking my juice never did run smooth.”

I wouldn’t do it.  

And neither would Trump.  Not in that context anyway…. 

“There will always be time-stamped proof that you were with us on DAY ONE.”

What does this mean?  It means if you wanna make history, you can only prove it by donating.  


This next paragraph is a doozie.

“Of course, if you cannot give because of the corrupt and incompetent fool who we will soon FIRE from the White House, then please do not donate today! I know who my loyal supporters are – and even if there won’t be time-stamped proof, I will remember who was with us on Day One.”

One of the things The Don is great at is always having a VILLAIN.  This is great storytelling.  We all know who the “incompetent fool” is, he doesn’t have to use the name.  

And look at this myriad of emotions.

“then please do not donate today!”  SHAME

“I know who my loyal supporters are”.  AFFINITY

“I will remember who was with us on Day One.” FEAR

Then the close…

“Please make a contribution…” blah blah blah.  He closes with a call to action to donate.  No surprise there.

Again, this was written by a copywriter and not Trump but it was done really well.  They did an excellent job focusing on the long term vision.  All while hitting on some great emotions.  

Never miss an opportunity to learn something that can help you.

Even if it’s in your SPAM box.