Being Normal is Boring

Yesterday I came across an interview with Vampryn.  Vampryn is weird.  And by weird I mean her appearance is a bit outrageous.  Take a look at her… What’s your first thought?   Maybe she thinks… View Post

Shipwrecking Your Ideas

In copywriting groups on Facebook, someone asks daily what they need to do to be a copywriter.  Why none of them don’t type those exact words into Google I will never know…  Most responses are… View Post

Charging Like a Doctor

My friend Miguel is a fireman.  I’ve known him since high school.  Like me he’s creative, competitive, and entrepreneurial.  The fact that he likes running into burning buildings is where our similarities die off.  … View Post

Story isn’t everything. No wait, it is.

In Hollywood story is everything. The story in the movie trailer. The story behind how someone makes it, or how a movie get produced, is what audiences remember and talk about. The Empire Strikes Back… View Post

The value of an e-mail address

I was reading Donald Miller’s book, Business Made Simple and he said, “people consider the value of their email address at about $10 or $20.” I agree with him 100%. I have never put a… View Post