How to get people to buy…YOU

Got any money goals for  2024?  

I bet you do.

When I first started blogging about entrepreneur stuff, I really clenched on to copywriting.  How to tell a better story and write it so you can get people to buy your stuff.  

I thought that was the most important thing for me to master and teach.

But in the end (and plenty of frustration later) I realized success isn’t just “marketing” or “sales”.  Or “positioning” or “influence”.  None of that crap.


Those things are super helpful but if you’re not repeatedly hitting home runs in work and life, they’re going to be about as helpful to you as a book on how to peel oranges.

You don’t need a new business tactic you need a new YOU.

It’s called personal development for a reason.  YOU need to work on developing YOUR person. 

Regan Hillyer said, success is 20% strategy and 80% psychology.  

If 80% of success happens between your ears, that means who YOU are determines how much you earn.  

Don’t think so?  

Imagine this…

Ray owns a house in Des Moines and his home yard is stuffed with Republican voting signs.  He has a banner in his window that says Trump 2024.  He even has a life-size cut out of The Don and Melania on his porch.  

What if the chief of staff at the Biden administration called Ray and asked him to be on stage with President Biden in Iowa.  You think he’d go for it?

Um, hell no.

But what if they paid him $1000?  I’m guessing, still, a resounding hell no.

But what if President Trump’s staff called him and asked him to be on stage, at the exact same place with President Trump.  You think he’d go?  

Of course he would.  

Now, here’s the rub…

They didn’t have to get Ray on their ‘list’.  

They didn’t have to work on a minimum viable product.

They didn’t have to figure out the best e-mail sequence to deliver to Ray.  

The only thing that changed is… the person who did the asking.

“Grow so fast that your friends who haven’t seen you in a month have to get to know you all over again”

-Vischen Lakhiani, The Buddha and the Badass

Make your growth your number one goal and be the highest expression of yourself.


PS  I wanted to talk about money and there was no way I could do it in one email so I’m breaking them up. This is part one.