Big Sexy Goals

I haven’t been a new year’s resolution kinda person in a long time.

I’m not much of a goal setter writer-downer either.  I have goals, I just don’t feel the need to write them down all the time.  

Some people teach that is wrong.  You’re supposed to write your goals every year.

Every month.

Every week.

Every day.

I’ve even seen some wack-a-doodles who write down their their goals 3 times a day.  To each their own, whatever works for you sweet cheeks.

I’m carrying at least 60 extra pounds on my body right now.  I don’t need to write that down twice a day.

It’s self evident.  It’s my intention to change and it’s gonna happen.  

Admittedly, that’s my style though.

As you enter into 2024, take this advice from Dan Sullivan.

“The present you is always better than the previous you, and the future you is always better than the present you. Compare yourself to no one except who you used to be and who you want to be.” 

The Business Paradigm loves goals because it can pay very well.  Brian Tracy wrote a book on goals and according to his publisher Penguin Random House, it’s sold  640,000 copies.  

Rest assure there’s plenty of other books, courses, and stuff to buy too.

People love goal setting because it’s SO sexy.  

I’m gonna double my income!

Fit in my skinny jeans again!

Trade in my Bronco for a Range Rover SV Carmel Edition!

Look at your goals like a NBA player.  From Magic Johnson to Lebron James, the great players of my generation always talked about championships.  

Why?  Cause championships are sexy!  

But how did those players get there.


Running drills.

Shooting hundreds of shots a day. 

Being the first one to the gym and being the last one to leave.  

Those things are NOT sexy.  You’re never going to see that stuff in the “we’re going to Disneyland” commercials after the championship is won.  

The discipline to be better than you were is what connects you to your future self.  This is why the best time to be a better version of yourself is right now.

Cause the world doesn’t need a successful asshole with a Land Rover.  It needs the best version of you.

Today and tomorrow.