Some Blocks are Fun, Some Suck

When I was in high school at one of my junior varsity basketball practices, our coach was a lil pissed.

He stopped practice to give us a little ass-chewing as to how we were playing.  I thought he was going to talk about…

Not passing.


Launching three-pointers.


He said we were trying too hard to block shots.  

And he was right…

Nothing for me was more fun and visceral than blocking a shot.  It was like the ultimate dominance.  Nothing quite says I ‘own you’ like a great rejection.  

It’s cute when see great blocks in basketball, but in our lives it’s pretty crappy.  

This is why so many of us can’t “manifest” what we want.  

The Law of Attraction says:  

“That which is like unto itself is drawn.”   -Abraham Hicks 

So, if you desire something you only need to put your attention on it, feel yourself having it (emotions), and live from that fulfilled desire.  Then, the universe will give it to you.

Ask and it is given.  


That’s spirituality. What does science say? 

We’re composed of atoms and atoms are 99.99999999999  percent empty space or energy.  The atom’s nucleus is surrounded by a large field that is made up of energetic frequencies.

Joe Dispenza in his book Becoming Supernatural said:

“It is only when an observer focuses his or her attention and looks for some “thing” material that the invisible field of energy and information collapses into a particle we know as the electron”

When you take your attention away from that “thing”, the electron disappears back into energy.  

So, you can’t attract your “thing” until you give it your attention.   Don’t give it attention, it goes away.

It’s that simple.  

You keep playing hide-and-go-seek with quantum field.  

So if quantum physics proves what spiritual teachers have  said to be true for millennia, why aren’t we all  rich, skinny and happy?    

Because of BLOCKS.  And we ALL have them.

Blocks come in a variety of flavors like shades of white at Home Depot.  

The most visible block is what Kody Bateman calls “stinkin thinkin”.  Bateman says, “The story you put in your mind becomes the story you live in your life.”

It’s like when you say you want to be, do, or have something, if it weren’t for… 

The Economy. 

Your bad clients.

The Democrats.

The Republicans, etc.

Oh, but it gets worse.  Blocks get even more nefarious.  

Some blocks are invisible to you like the creepy ass villain in Monster’s Inc.  They download directly into you from your environment when you’re a little kid.  You grow up and keep carrying them around like your driver’s license. 

We also create our own blocks with our emotions!  

Dispenza says emotions are “energy in motion”.  So, we’re mostly energy but when we use emotions like control, shame, pain, victimization, etc. and our energy SLOWS DOWN.

It gets stuck.  

On the surface you feel unmotivated.  

Or maybe it looks like procrastination.  Or because your energy is jammed, now you’re more lethargic and new stories start.

It’s my medication.  

It’s cause I’m older.

It’s stress.

It’s those damn liberals!  

We’re like layers of an onion.  Some blocks you can see and others you can’t.  That’s why if you want something like a lot of money and ain’t getting it, you likely have a block.  

Or you’re sabotaging yourself in some way.

Just like with you art, you need to work on your blocks and flush them out.

David Goggins said, “Mental toughness is a lifestyle.”  

Once you look at your results and you’re not getting what you want.  It’s time to start snooping around and looking for blocks.  Even if you got rid of them once. 

Blocks are like relatives, they can come back at anytime.  

Make your mental toughness a lifestyle.  


The story in your mind becomes the story of your life.  Even if you didn’t do all the writing.