Make your cash register ring by doing what you do… on a horse.

I was at an event.

There was a guy there dressed as a cowboy.  He told stories and gave facts about the Southwest.  

He was nice.

A little charismatic.

A lil funny.

But he wasn’t amazing or super captivating.  What made this guy interesting was…  

He had a horse.  

He did his schtick in front of the horse and sometimes ON the horse.

I pulled up a chair next to the DJ and I said, “could you imagine DJ’ing on horse?  You’d kill it!”  We both laughed.  Until I realized I wasn’t joking…

I thought, what if I did caricatures on a horse? I’d crush it!

The other day I spoke about what Dan Kennedy calls, Specific Application.  How can you narrow down your client list with a niche, purpose, location, etc and charge more?

Without the horse that cowboy would just be a guy telling Southwestern history.  Kinda boring.  

But doing it on a horse?  


Much more compelling.  

I met a lady the other day who was an artist.  She was working at the venue I was drawing at.  

She seemed interested in what I was doing so I assumed she was an artist.  When I asked her about her work her face lit up. 

One of the things that she does is, she creates paintings based on her client’s personal story, desires, favorite colors, etc.

My ears went up like Nightcrawler from the X-men!

I thought this would be brilliant in the wedding space.  She could easily charge 2x or 3x of what she is charging now!

Her limiting beliefs kept her from hearing but still…I thought it was a great idea.

So, what do you do now that you could do “on a horse” and charge more for?  

And I’m not talking about literally doing it “on a horse” but let’s milk that analogy.

Mary Kay is a commodity.  

There’s hundreds of thousands of consultants out there.  But what if you sold Mary Kary cosmetics…on a horse?  I bet you’d stand out. 

You manage social media?  I bet you’d be far more profitable…on a horse.

You like painting?  I bet you could charge more doing it, you guessed it, on a horse!

What could be your “horse” that sets you apart and makes the cash register ring?