Open. That. Letter.

Last year my wife received a FedEx letter when she wasn’t home. 

It was a fat one too, it probably weighed a couple of pounds.  She doesn’t do much business from home so it’s odd for her to receive letters like this.  I was curious.  

I looked at the sender and saw it was from a law office.  We don’t normally open each other’s mail but that was about to change TODAY!  You hear stories about couples in seemingly good relationships and one day the partner seeks a divorce as quick and easy as Taco Tuesday.  

Was I going to be one of those statistics?  Nope.

The paperwork in my hands was for a corporation she started.  I had no idea.  When my wife got home I told her I was freaking out and opened her letter and we laughed.  My wife has always been into rescuing pets and she decided to incorporate her own animal rescue.  I thought this was totally cool and I was happy for her.  I did tell her to give me the heads up the next time she requests paperwork from a lawyer’s office though…

What’s the point of me telling you this?  No point really, but I’ll leave you with Kody Bateman’s words.  “The stories in your mind become the stories of your life.”  If you don’t like your thoughts, clean em up.  No thought lives in your mind rent free.