Marketing Impossible to Ignore

“To become more fascinating, you don’t have to change who you are. You have to become more of who you are.”   

-Sally Hogshead

If I could summarize my biggest shift in marketing over the last year it would be becoming more of who I am.  I admit I do have an interesting story as a comic book artist turned marketing guy but that just scratches the surface.  Why should you care?

Marketers promote their secret sauce nowadays, but too many miss showing empathy and understanding.  It’s so easy to get caught up into tactics, systems, and great subject lines.  When everyone is doing and saying the same stuff we all become easy to ignore.  

What’s near impossible to ignore?  Understanding.  When you speak to your ideal customer with empathy they think, ‘he gets me.’  And from then on you’ll have a person who WANTS to hear from you, read your emails, and look at your ads.