The Power of Tens

One of the big lessons that I learned fairly recently was looking at 10 year chunks of time.  

I’ve done this before and it was…cute.  BUT, I think I had to turn 40 first before I REALLY understood the value of the exercise.  

Cause I heard it before…

Like how hall of fame college basketball coach John Wooden started each season showing his players how to tie their shoes properly.  

It sounds…





A player loses a shoe in a game and can’t dribble or defend a player.  I’ve seen this happen before, and it happens all the time.  

Back to the 10 year thing… 

Instead of looking back ONE year at all the stuff that you didn’t get or at the goals you didn’t achieve.  Look back 10 years.

When you look back 10 years you can see in 4K clarity how far you’ve come.  It’s doesn’t matter if you’re 17 or 60!  Looking back in decades can be profound.  

Wanna hear something else I learned that didn’t really HIT ME till I was over 40? 

What made you successful the last 10 years won’t make you successful the next 10.  

Like tying your shoes before basketball games, I’m not talking about changing the fundamentals.  

You need good work ethic and integrity and the baseline of things that made who you are.  

But as for the other stuff, some of it has to go…

With me, it was anxiety. 

First off, I didn’t know I had an anxiety ‘problem’.  I just knew I thrived (and was kinda cocky about) doing production art and hitting headlines.  

I didn’t realize I was allowing my anxiety to run amok in my brain like a herd of antsy Belgian Malinois looking for something to do.  

Emotionally I was gearing up to run a 10k but what I really needed was peace and calm for strategy and execution.  

I started meditating more and doing things to quiet my noodle.  

Things got easier and I gave my old monkey mind the middle finger.  


If you find that you’re not as happy as you’d like to be in your life right now… 

Look back 10 years!  

I bet you’re further along in more ways than you thought.  

Want to slay this years goals?  

Or resolutions?

Or whatever?

Find new skills (or systems or people)  that will help you cause some of the old ones you used have run their course.