Flip your freebie

Most of us love free stuff!

When you give your course or service away as a promotion that’s really nice.  I’ve done it before too, but it’s not always buzz-worthy.

It’s like free samples at Costco.  You know they’re there but you rarely talk about how awesome they are.  “Ooow look…chicken”.  

“Look there….chicken on a cracker.”

“OMG crackers!”

To add some Blockbuster or what Disney might call “show” to your promos, sometimes you just gotta flip your freebie.

Bill Veeck is a minor league baseball team owner and author of the book Fun Is Good said…

“To give one can of beer to a thousand people is not nearly as much fun as to give 1,000 cans of beer to one guy. You give a thousand people a can of beer and each of them will drink it…You give 1,000 cans to one guy, and there is always the outside possibility that 50,000 people will talk about it.” 

Think about that.  

Instead of saying you’re going to give “a scholarship” to one person to take your one course for free.  How about you give one person your next three courses for free?  Or free courses for life?  

Instead of a free strategy session how about a promotion where one person can win 12 months of free coaching?

Like baseball, marketing can be a fickle game.  You can do promos the way ‘everybody’ does it or you can give Veeck’s way a try.  A helluva lot more people will talk about it if you do it his way.

Try it.

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