The positives of being negative and my crazy ex

In my freshman year of college I dated a girl named Candy.     As Martin Lawrence would say, she was “crazy and deranged”. She’d make Glenn Close’s character in Fatal Attraction look like a… View Post

The meat and potatoes of writing emails

Writing emails can be tough. And if you take my advice and email every day, sometimes it can feel like pushing a baby elephant… Uphill. I admit, I have different approaches in creating emails but… View Post

Prove mastery with 3 questions

I was listening to Brandon Lucero’s podcast the other day and he was describing something he learned from Gary Vaynerchuk.   What’s funny is he started by saying he doesn’t usually listen to Gary V… View Post

Sharpening your ax

One problem I have with the epilogue of the Harry Potter book series is what happens to Hermione Granger.  I think she would have been a fantastic (and probably famous) witch. I say that because… View Post

Marketing so simple a third grader could get it

I’m a huge fan of simplifying your marketing messages.   This is why elevator pitches and other ways to “cut the fat” off your marketing are so popular.  Since we all have the attention span… View Post