Fishing Out Writer’s Block

Blank screen.  What do you write? Coming up with good ideas to talk about can be tough sometimes.   Holidays are usually my cop out.  Especially if you use a website like Holiday Insights.  You… View Post

Being Normal is Boring

Yesterday I came across an interview with Vampryn.  Vampryn is weird.  And by weird I mean her appearance is a bit outrageous.  Take a look at her… What’s your first thought?   Maybe she thinks… View Post

Shipwrecking Your Ideas

In copywriting groups on Facebook, someone asks daily what they need to do to be a copywriter.  Why none of them don’t type those exact words into Google I will never know…  Most responses are… View Post

Charging Like a Doctor

My friend Miguel is a fireman.  I’ve known him since high school.  Like me he’s creative, competitive, and entrepreneurial.  The fact that he likes running into burning buildings is where our similarities die off.  … View Post

Story isn’t everything. No wait, it is.

In Hollywood story is everything. The story in the movie trailer. The story behind how someone makes it, or how a movie get produced, is what audiences remember and talk about. The Empire Strikes Back… View Post