A Market of One

If you have a marketing problem, you probably have a storytelling problem.  Marketers talk about storytelling.  A lot.  Musicians talk about it.  Screenwriters talk about it.  It’s important.  I even give away a free book… View Post

The Intention Behind Your Work

When I left my day job to be a full-time artist I created an intention.  I vowed that my art would make a difference in the lives of people.  At first I didn’t really even… View Post

Marketing Impossible to Ignore

“To become more fascinating, you don’t have to change who you are. You have to become more of who you are.”    -Sally Hogshead If I could summarize my biggest shift in marketing over the… View Post

Fishing Out Writer’s Block

Blank screen.  What do you write? Coming up with good ideas to talk about can be tough sometimes.   Holidays are usually my cop out.  Especially if you use a website like Holiday Insights.  You… View Post

Being Normal is Boring

Yesterday I came across an interview with Vampryn.  Vampryn is weird.  And by weird I mean her appearance is a bit outrageous.  Take a look at her… What’s your first thought?   Maybe she thinks… View Post